FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

ipub? Funny name!

ipub stands for Independent Professionals Unternehmens Beratung.

Independent professionals: well, that’s our beloved contractors. And Unternehmens-Beratung means Consulting Company in German. No worries, we don’t insist on flawless pronunciation. Simply remember that ipub has nothing to do with iApple, nor with stout beer. Stick with the plain [ pi ju bi], and you’ll be fine.

How big is ipub?

We’re proud to be small and focused. We have super-lean operations with many services outsourced. However, we have recently been growing a lot, and expect to do so even more in the coming months.

How do I know you guys are serious?

We have been in business for 12 years. We are licensed by the Swiss government to act as a contracting and payrolling agency. And we work with the largest banks in Switzerland, who have their own due diligence. If you still have doubts, we are happy to put you in contact with one of our contractors, who will be equally happy to share his experience of working with ipub.

Why is your website in English only?

We love our native Schwizerdütsch and proudly answer the phone with “grüezi”. Yeah, Swiss German is so cool that even Trump would love it: “Very primitive language. Only two tenses: present and past perfect. Best language in the world!”


Speaking of the devil: While Trump might not pass the rigorous ipub selection process, he has one thing in common with most of our contractors: he wasn’t born and raised in Switzerland.

And no, translating our blog into Swedish, Dutch, Italian, French, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese is not an option. So: English is clearly the largest common denominator.

But do realize that most of the ipub team are not native English speakers. So please excuse our errors and clumsy formulations. Änd also ze Swiss German äkzent! Sänk you!

Who are ipub’s clients?

We work with the largest banks in Switzerland, as well as with private banks, hedge funds, and private equity companies. More recently, we have started to serve the very successful FinTech startup ecosystem in Zurich and, especially for Blockchain, in the crypto valley of Zug.

In what countries are you active?

Currently, our main focus is Switzerland.

However, we have an international network of top experts in financial technology (especially WealthTech, quant finance, AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain). For this reason, we are working on expanding our offering to other financial centers. We are planning to open at least one office in another country in the next few months. Additionally, we are actively negotiating partnerships with agencies in London, New York, and Singapore. This will benefit our community of contractors by giving them access to a larger selection of projects.