"The story of FinTech is not about an epic war of righteous start-ups against greedy and inefficient banking corporations. FinTech is about innovating the financial industries using technology. And that happens in banks, tech giants, and start-ups alike.

Nor is financial innovation a new phenomenon. We just happen to live in an era that puts at our disposal a lot of data, and a set of radically new base technologies. Big data, AI, and the blockchain will accelerate financial innovation for years to come."

Christoph Glur, Founder of ipub


Innovation Projects

Got an idea for an app? With our flexible garage approach, we help you to set up a dedicated, focused team consisting of your delegated subject matter experts, our consultants, and external specialists. Together with you, we will design, build and iterate your idea. On site, in a dedicated project space (garage), or online.


We help innovating, implementing, and integrating financial technology. We have a focus on quantitative finance, digitalization and wealth management.  We love to rigorously simplify complexity, so you can take the right strategic decision.


We help banks, insurances, FinTech startups and other companies staff their projects with the brightest minds in financial technology. Our focus areas are quantitative finance, data science, and blockchain technologies.


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Christoph Glur

I am the founder and owner of ipub. An economist by training, I have been into computers ever since my first C64. 

I have supported numerous small and large organizations on quant finance, robo-advisory, digitalization, and blockchain technology. I am a startup advisor and seed investor.


Innovation is our purpose. We are geeks at heart, driven by technology, creativity, and curiosity. We want to learn, learn, learn. Radically. And grow.

We shape the way highly qualified individuals work in a globalized, decentralized, yet digitally connected world. We believe that tomorrow's workplace will be less corporate, more project-oriented, and more individualized. Self-branding, lifelong learning, and flexibility will be key in the gig economy. And we are ready!

We empower individuals, and we are committed to strong leadership, self-realization, and personal development. Yet in our projects, we put the team above the individual.

We believe in transparency, integrity, and meritocracy. We treat consultants and clients with fairness and respect, and we expect the same from them.

We know that our service is valuable to our clients. But we are not interested in short-term profits. Instead, we want to grow our network by giving meaning to our relationships. Trust cannot be bought with money. And in the end, it's all about trust.


Consultants value our fairness:

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I've been working hard on my personal brand, and I am at the forefront of technology. When selecting my next gig, I want to make sure to deliver value to my clients on the one hand, and to be able to learn at the same time. And ipub has been very helpful in that process, over and over again.

Gary, 36 Blockchain Expert

Today, I earn slightly less than in my previous job, but I spend three months per year travelling, and I have enough time for my regular dose of coursera. I'm recognized as a scrum expert, and helping teams grow from chaos to velocity in a few sprints gives my life purpose.

Laura, 42 Scrum Master

I'm good with numbers, I am a fairly good Python programmer. But does that qualify me for a general management role? Of course not! All else being equal, rather than sitting in budget meetings and dealing with company politics, I want to apply and grow my expert skills.

Martin, 34 Quantitative Developer

Companies value our excellence:

We use ipub to fill niche roles where the large generalist agencies lack the necessary network and expert know-how. Especially quant finance, data science and digitalisation. The quality of their profiles is always excellent, and processes are smooth, timely and reliable. Will definitely broaden our collaboration!

Hiring Manager International Bank, Zurich

We had this idea of a new quantitative investment management strategy. When we asked our internal IT, their offer was out of line for an early stage idea. ipub, on the other hand, put together a small team of true experts, built the rebalancing engine iteratively with us, and connected it to our order management in under three months. When sales of our new product picked up, they handed a mature, well-documented codebase over to our internal IT operations. That's what I call a success story!

Head of Systematic Strategies Investment Management Division of a Swiss Bank


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