yaml, anyone?

YAML: Define an R function

YAML to define hierarchic models Glenn is using the data.tree package to model commercial mortgage-backed securities. If you don’t […]

plot profiling

R profiling

Profiling in R R has a built in performance and memory profiling facility: Rprof. Type [crayon-599679df68e0b956384192-i/] into your console to […]

reference semantics 2

Reference semantics in R

Question I recently got a mail from Václav on reference semantics in data.tree, reading as follows: Dear Christoph, I […]

visualize ahp

ahp 0.2.4 on CRAN

The latest version of the ahp package contains lots of new features and visualizations!

AHP ShowTable 8

R ahp package on github

AHP lets you analyse complex decision making problems. We have recently released the initial version of the R ahp […]