yaml, anyone?
YAML to define hierarchic models Glenn is using the data.tree package to model commercial mortgage-backed securities. If you don’t know what that is, you can read it all up on Wikipedia. But in a nutshell, CMBS (or REMIC) are financial instruments that bundle multiple commercial real estate mortgages, and securitize (or […]

YAML: Define an R function

plot profiling
Profiling in R R has a built in performance and memory profiling facility: Rprof. Type [crayon-58843fb8ab59a434647185-i/] into your console to learn more. The way the profiler works is as follows: you start the profiler by calling Rprof, providing a filename where the profiling data should be stored you call the R functions that […]

R profiling

reference semantics 2
Question I recently got a mail from Václav on reference semantics in data.tree, reading as follows: Dear Christoph, I am rather inexperienced when it comes to environments in R and henceforth I apologize if my question is basic; however, my colleagues are no better than me to answer my question. I […]

Reference semantics in R

I got a note from Karim Lahrichi, who even thinks about math when he’s supposed to be drinking beer. The bar puzzle they were trying to solve goes like this: Using all of the numbers 1, 3, 4, 6 exactly once, and any combination of: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (and parenthesis […]

Solving Math Puzzles with data.tree

visualize ahp
The latest version of the ahp package contains lots of new features and visualizations!

ahp 0.2.4 on CRAN

AHP ShowTable 8
AHP lets you analyse complex decision making problems. We have recently released the initial version of the R ahp package on github: gluc/ahp.

R ahp package on github

Shiny Server 6
In this beginner’s level tutorial, you’ll learn how to install Shiny Server on an AWS cloud instance, and how to configure the firewall. It will take just a few minutes!

Installing RStudio Shiny Server on AWS