Will Machines Take Away Our Jobs?

The question is looming: Will robots, machines, and computer programs take our jobs? The answer seems to be "Yes, but...". Find out why!

GIG: UX Engineer

For a one year contract with a major bank in Zurich, Switzerland, we are currently looking for a UX Engineer. You […]

What does ipub do? Video interview with Christoph Glur.

What does ipub do? And how do we find FinTech experts? ipub is a temp agency specialised in quant finance, data science and blockchain technologies. Rather than body leasing, we aspire to be a trusted partner to our experts and to our clients.

GIG: Java Developer in Lugano

We are currently looking for a Java developer, for a 12 months contract with the investment banking division […]

Geeks & Gigs

By 2020, 43% of the US workforce will be in the gig economy, according to Intuit.

GIG: Batch Engineer

For a bank in Zurich, we are looking for an automation engineer who will also be involved in […]