ipub: what we do

ipub brings innovation to the financial services industry by connecting companies with the best tech and quant talent. We achieve this with fairness, transparency, and excellence.

FinTech Staffing, Planning and Strategy

We have helped fintech startups, funds and banks find the right organisation, staffing strategy, and project setup. We understand that software development is a people’s business, and we have years of experience selecting the right people for a job, and creating organisations in which they can thrive. When it comes to defining a project setup, we try to stay away from the latest buzz and analyse with passion and fervor the goals and parameters, in order to find the best solution.

We conduct interviews, assessments, organise workshops, and more. We can also provide second opinions.

We are licensed by the Swiss government to act as a contracting agency and provide payrolling services.

IT Development

We have developed solutions for hedge funds and banks. We have implemented trading strategies, built risk analytics reports, portfolios management systems, order execution queues, and much more. We are proficient in R, Matlab, C#, Java. We love databases and data modeling, and are experts in many financial third party service providers, such as Bloomberg, Factset, Interactive Brokers and many more.

We do R training, custom development, and consulting. We have developed numerous R packages, of which some are open source (see data.tree, ahp , and datalicenseR).