ahp 0.2.4 on CRAN

The R package ahp has been released to CRAN. Model complex decision making problems using the Analytic Hierarchy Process by Thomas Saaty. The package contains a Shiny app to play around with your models (try it out at http://ipub.com/apps/ahp ).

Also, you can visualize the structure of your problem:

Also, ahp now supports multiple decision makers and calculation methods.

The file format and the method names have changed a bit. Check out the file-format vignette by typing

or, refer to the help section of the app.

Please report all issues and suggestions directly to the github repository. And if you have an interesting ahp file to share, absolutely do so and send it to me!

And, should you ever have to work with hierarchical data, remember that data.tree can spare you a lot of grief.

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