ipub GmbH was founded in 2004. We have been consulting / contracting with / working for various financial service providers.

We are fascinated by complexity, especially when we are allowed to simplify it. We love FinTech – except for the hype. We believe in the automation of processes, and the digitalization of client experience. We love technology, but often we don’t blindly trust the latest craze! We love deadlines – actually so much we make sure we always meet them. We are thrilled by innovation, but we trust in execution.

Originally a consulting company only, we now also act as a contracting agency for the best talent in finance and IT. We are especially successful in placing positions requiring specialized skill-sets at the intersection of business and IT. We have a license for temporary staffing by the Swiss government (Internationale Personalverleihbewilligung).

If you are a contractor looking for your next assignment, reach out at recruitment@ipub.com .

If you are a company looking for qualified staff, contact us at recruitment@ipub.com

ipub GmbH
Emil-Staub-Strasse 5
8708 Männedorf

Christoph Glur

I am the founder and owner of ipub. An economist by training, I could not resist the temptations of the dot-com bubble at the end of the last century. I had been programming since childhood, so the transition to a software developper was seamless. Soon enough, I found myself programming complex trading systems. Yet, the IPO of my first employer didn’t work out, so I’m still a working man. That is quite alright, though, as it is my passion find the best solution to complex problems – be it in finance, strategy, or in code.

I hold degrees from the University of Lausanne, HEC, the London School of Economics, LSE, and the ETH Zurich. I am a CFA charterholder and a member of the Swiss CFA society.

I live with my family in Männedorf, near Zürich, Switzerland.

More details about my career can be found on my LinkedIn profile. A formal CV and references can be requested by mail.


+41 76 320 60 76